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I'm Moving to the Land of the Polar Bears

No. Seriously.

After sitting on the news for almost 6 months, I finally get to announce that the Army is moving us to Alaska! This has been a dream of mine since I fell in love with the polar bears I saw on Smithsonian's Polar Bear Town, and immediately became obsessed all things arctic (although, fun fact, when I was dreaming of baby nurseries more than a decade ago, I planned to have an arctic-themed nursery. The Army had other plans, though, and we moved before I could really get to decorating). That docuseries launched me into a summer-long binge session of every documentary and docuseries about the Great White North I could find, building a fantasy world based on everything the northern latitudes touch. And as I created the world found in A Burden of Ice and Bone, I researched, set housing alerts, and mentally planned my trek across the North American Continent, looking forward to the time I could call Anchorage home, even if just for a little while.

Well, the Army had another plan there, too, and we'll be setting up house 120 miles south of the Arctic Circle at Fort Wainwright. Have I spent years researching Fairbanks? No. Do I have any idea what there is to do in Fairbanks? No. Am I any less excited? NO! This is an adventure of a lifetime and I. Cannot. Wait.

Nor can I wait to see what all it has to offer and to write more books in beautiful, wild climates like my future home! Over the next ten weeks, not only will I be posting about A Burden of Ice and Bone, which officially releases on April 16, but also our Permanent Change of Station (PCS) progress. Be sure to follow along as we outline our packing process (this will be our 8th PCS as a family, so we have tips!) with 4 kids and pets, and beyond as we make the 13 day journey across the United States and Canada.

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