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Kyra is an author of speculative and romantic fiction.

Kyra has been seeking adventures since she was eight. Sometimes those adventures are through the lives of characters she creates in her head... and sometimes they are real life adventures taking her around the globe. Kyra loves travel, and she loves immersing herself in new places even more, making the life she's built with her Army officer husband perfect for her. Those places and the people she's met in them have inspired and supported every piece she's written. 

Kyra grew up outside Atlanta, GA where she formed an appreciation for summer thunderstorms, lightning bugs, and competitive swimming. After a quick jaunt across the pond to St Andrews University to study creative writing, she returned to complete her undergraduate education at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Go Yellow Jackets!) in History, Technology, and Society. She loves social history, especially anything that has to do with the Cold War and military, and continued those studies into graduate school where she earned a Master of Arts degree in American History with a minor concentration in Professional Writing: Creative writing. 

Two weeks after graduation, Kyra found herself packing for her very first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) with her husband to Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State. That started a love affair with moving, and Kyra has looked forward to packing up and setting off for new and distant shores ever since. The Army has given her the opportunity to add Fort Lee (now Fort Gregg-Adams), Fort Riley, Fort Knox, and Fort Stewart to her list of residences over the years, with a new and exciting destination coming in 2024!

In addition to writing, Kyra volunteers within the Army community, wrangles her four kids, feeds the cat fifteen times a day, and doubles as a dog bed for her two basset hounds.

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